I’m Sef, the Garden Room Guy.

After becoming almost obsessed with the idea of having a garden room – in my case an office/gym in my back garden, I soon realised that there were many people out there looking for the same thing.

I live in a small 2 bedroom semi-detached garden flat in London, where space really is tight. Our flat only has around 40 square metres of usable internal floor space, yet we’re fortunate enough to have a fairly large (for London) wrap-around garden (space at side and end of house).

The main problem with our flat is storage space, of which there is zero! Most houses/flats have at least one cupboard in them for storing the vacuum, etc – but no, not ours!

So, in order to get some storage space – when we first moved in – I bought a shed and created a large shelving unit in the end of it for storing anything we didn’t need quick access to.

At the time, I was also keen to save a bit of cash, and one big expense at the time was my gym membership. I was going fairly regularly, so I couldn’t just cancel it, so needed an alternative option.

And that’s when it struck me – could I create a gym INSIDE my shed?! And that’s where my Garden Room adventure began!

The Shednasium was born.

I’ve documented the process of How To Turn A Shed Into A Gym on this site, which I felt could be helpful to others, so do have a look at that if you’re interested in save a few £$ on your monthly gym membership.

I built this site because I’ve been researching heavily on my next big garden room upgrade. Again, I felt like the research i’ve done could be helpful to others. And given that I have some experience in website building from my day-job, it wasn’t a big deal to put all of the info i’ve learn along the way on here.

So over the coming months I’ll be adding much more content to this site as my new garden room progresses.

My plan is to build my own garden office / garden gym. This will replace my beloved Shednasium. Currently my Shednasium is 8x10ft – my new office-gym garden room will be around 12x16ft, across the full width of the back of our garden.

I decided to build my own garden room for two reasons…

1) I cannot afford to buy one. A similar spec and size garden room from a reasonable supplier would cost between £18-£25k. I’ve got £5k MAX.

2) I like building stuff! And also love the idea of documenting the entire build.

I’m going to be adding to this blog site the full construction details of my garden room. I’ve seen a few people blog about their own builds, however I’ve always felt that they didn’t go into enough detail for it to be truly helpful. So with my build, I’m going to film the entire construction process from start to finish!

If you’re interested in seeing my progress, then add your name and email address below and I’ll email you updates over the coming months on where I’ve got to.

I also realise that not everyone enjoys DIY – especially a big project like a garden room, which can be very daunting at first.
So I’ve tried to add as much information about garden rooms as I can to this site to help people in their purchasing decisions. There are lots of different types of garden rooms out there, from many different suppliers. I feel like I’ve researched them all in trying to figure out the design I want for my own garden room. So I’m going to put this researched information to good use on this site too. Again, it’s not all on here at first – I’ll be adding content as I go. This is just a – rather lavish – hobby for me, so unfortunatley I cannot dedicate my full time to this, so please bare with me.

Anyway, I hope the information on this site has helped you in some way. And if it has, please leave me a message – it’s always great to hear from you.

All the best

Sef – The Garden Room Guy


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